Minnesota Chapter III Quartermaster

Frequently Asked Questions

The Quartermaster accepts Checks and Money orders.

Credit Cards are not accepted.

  1. How do I order items from the our Quartermaster?
  2. How should I send my order to the Quartermaster?
  3. Can anyone order items from our Quartermaster?
  4. Where can I see the most current version of the International’s Order form?
  5. How often is the order form updated?
  6. How can I contact our chapter Quartermaster?
  7. How do I purchase items that are listed in the international web site from other chapters?
  8. How long will it take for our order to come in?
  9. What should we put on our chapter’s bottom rocker?
  10. Does our chapter keep our bottom rockers in stock?
  11. My patch order came in but there were no bottom rockers. Why?
  12. If I order something and I do not receive it what should I do?



  1. To order items from the Quartermaster simply down load the latest order form at http://www.redknightsmn3.com/merchandise.html, and send it to the address on the top right corner of the order form. Return to top
  2. Order forms should be sent to the address on the top right corner of the order form. DO NOT send in order forms that requires a signature of the Quartermaster to be delivered. I may not be home all the time. Return to top
  3. Only MAL’s can order directly through the International Quartermaster. As of July 1, 2004 our members must order through our chapter’s quartermaster. Return to top
  4. The most current version of the International’s order from can be downloaded at http://www.redknightsmc.com/CATALOG/qm_order.pdf  Return to top.
  5. Our order form is updated periodically as needed.  Return to top
  6. The best way to contact our QM is email at jljrkmn3@redknightsmn3.com if it is not possible to send email, the QM’s phone number is on the top right corner of the order form. Return to top
  7. Other Chapter items should be ordered directly through the chapter. Items offered by another chapter are for your own use only. Our chapter MAY NOT SELL AN ITEM ALREADY BEING OFFERED BY ANOTHER CHAPTER. Please realize that the items being offered by other chapters are usually part of their fund raising process and/or to help off set thier own chapter expenses (things like chapter newsletters and hall rentals). If our chapter were to come up with a unique item that you would like to sell to help raise monies for your local charity and/or help offset chapter expenses and another chapter took our idea and made the item for themselves how would you feel?  The QM does not deal with other chapter's items. Return to top
  8. Most orders take 5 to 8 weeks from the time the order is received by the Int QM. If the items you have requested are in stock it may be sooner. Our chapter may need to wait to get enough items to make an order. If that happens I will let you know. Return to top
  9. Per the International By-Laws our bottom rocker shall have our state and chapter designation (State and number). Please be aware that some "M/C" motorcycle clubs feel that if you spell out the name of your state on your bottom rocker it’s your way of saying you run the state. The International suggests that to avoid possible problems with other motorcycle clubs you use your state’s abbreviation and chapter number (i.e.: MN Chapter III) Return to top
  10. Yes. If our chapter orders 30 bottom rockers we may have a few extras. Return to top
  11. Buttom rockers needed to be special ordered and the QM sent you the items that that you ordered that arrived. Return to top
  12. First check to see if your check was cashed. The chapter QM may have not received your order. If the check was cashed try contacting the chapter QM in question. If you still are not satisfied please contact the International Quartermaster and the QM will "try" to help get the situation resolved. Return to top
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