Red Knights International Motorcycle Club
Minnesota Chapter # III

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Membership Application

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Chapter Dues are $25.00. New members are accessed an $8.00 one time initiation fee.

There are eight classifications of membership:
  1. Charter Member – An active member that has joined a chapter within one year of the chapter being chartered. See Section 4:08
  2.  Active Member – Is available to anyone who has been a member of the fire service, See Section 4:04
  3. Associate Member – A person who has never been in the fire service. See section 4:05
  4. Social member – The spouse, boyfriend (1) Girlfriend (1) offspring’s of an Active or Associate member or member-at-Large. See Section 4:06
  5. Special Honorary Member – Granted to a person of a recognized religion for the position of chapter chaplain. See Section 4:07
  6. Member-at-Large – Person’s who qualify for Active membership but are to far removed from any established chapter to join. See Section ‘s 2:01 & 2:01A
  7. Life membership – See Section 2:01
  8. Compassionate Honorary Member – See Section 2:01 (8)
Dues for new members joining a chapter shall be $16.00 per member in their first year of membership and will be pro-rated at the rate of 25% reduction in the third quarter and 50% reduction in the fourth quarter.
Active or Associate Member  $13.00 each
Social or Honorary Member $7.00 each
Compassionate Honorary Member no charge
New member any classification $16.00

General information on application form.

I, the undersigned do hereby apply for membership in the red Knights International Motorcycle Club, Minnesota Chapter # III. I agree to abide by the Red Knights international Motorcycle Club Constitution and Bylaws and the rules and regulations governing this Local Chapter.

Liability Waver: I also agree to wave and not hold any Officer or Member responsible for any injury or equipment damage while at , to or from a meeting or motorcycle ride.

Click here  Red Knights International Motorcycle Club Constitution and Bylaws
Click here  Red Knights Minnesota Chapter III Club Constitution and Bylaws

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