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  • ABATE of Georgia, District 15. We are one of may ABATE districts throughout the State of Georgia. District 15 serves Glynn, Brantley, Wayne, McIntosh, and Camden Counties. Our site offers legislative issues relating to motorcycles, news, events, message board, free classified ads, and more.
  • ABATE of PA - Pennsylvania ABATE.
  • The American Motorcycle Association has been protecting our rights nationwide for over 75 years.
  • "Bikers, Know Your Rights" a nice statement for you to use in case you being harassed by the authorities.
  • Biker's Rights Online. Enough Said
  • CongressVote.com: find out how your congress person is voting, even get his/her e-mail address
  • Hawaii Motorcycle Dealer's Association helped reform the insurance laws in Hawaii to make insurance more affordable for all of Hawaii's bikers. Albeit, their motives were driven by the size of their pockets, the results have had positive effects on all of us and the size of our pockets.
  • The Hawaii State Government Web Site
  • SharetheRoads.net - A new site promoting motorcycle awareness, born from the tragic loss of one of our road brothers Billy J. Mitchell Jr. One of many who has been taken from us way to soon and worse-- for a totally preventable cause. Didn't "See" The Motorcycle!!!

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  • Bikers Against Child Abuse
  • DOCS Foundation - To develop and strengthen annual fundraising events for the sole purpose of donating all profits to medical research for a cure for juvenile diabetes. This foundation is dedicated to Max Perrigo, who has juvenile diabetes, as well as the millions of others who are diabetic, their families and friends who live and fight the disease with them.
  • National Center for Missing Children - They also have a page devoted to children missing in Hawaii
  • Not With My Child - an informative book that will help any parent protect their children from potential abuser by spotting them before they strike.
  • CareAct.org - DID YOU KNOW: Most states don't keep records on the numbers of children who have been sexually abused. Most states set the penalty for an adult who rapes a child at twenty years plus -- UNLESS that adult happens to be related to the child -- in which case the maximum sentence is PROBATION. There is legislation now pending in Congress to change all this. Check out Care Act.org; your support will make a difference! IF YOU CARE, ACT!
  • SexOffenders.net - a sex offenders registry allowed under Megan's Law, has listings for California. To see if your city or state has a registry, visit APB online.

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