About Us


The offices of Minnesota Chapter III of The Red Knights International  Motorcycle Club is located in west central Minnesota.

We are 101 mile straight west of St Paul Minnesota on
US highway 12.

We are a new Chapter to the International and the 3rd Chapter in Minnesota.

We had a recruitment run on August 29th 2004 (sorry about the rain), with riders from Granite Falls, Belview, Morton, Bird Island and Willmar.

We welcomed 9 new Active Members and 1 Social Member, brining our membership total to 21 total members for our inauguration. 
(Membership: 38 as of June 26, 2005)

We would also welcome anyone who is thinking of joining to attend one of our meetings and contact any officer for information.

A membership application is available for you to download (make copies as needed) in the membership menu area. Fill it out and send it in.

Membership information is available by clicking on the membership menu button.

Until then, fight fire and ride safe!

Kevin Marti

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