Welcome to The Red Knights International Motorcycle Club
Minnesota Chapter III

The Red Knights International Motorcycle Club was formed in 1983 and is an organization of members of the Fire Service and their families who ride motorcycles. We promote motorcycle safety, project a positive image of motorcycles and enjoy the fraternity of Firefighters. Our membership consists of Career, Part-Paid, Volunteer, Industrial, Disabled and Retired members of the Fire Service. Our members ride all brands of motorcycles from full dressers to sport bikes. We want you to involve your spouse and family at club functions. Firefighters have a proud history and we as Red Knights will carry on with that proud tradition. If this seems to be the kind of club you would like to belong to, join us for one of our meetings or rides.

Red Knights Mission Statement

The Red Knights share the common interest of motorcycling, promoting motorcycle safety, and the brotherhood of firefighting. They provide support to various non-profit charities across the United States and Canada.


Contact Kevin Marti at kmrkmn3@redknightsmn3.com
Chapter web site @ http://redknightsmn3.com

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